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Political Sciences

Political Sciences - Sciences politiques - Scienze politiche



revised : January 2015

Anarchy Archives


Cato Institute, The (Public policy analysis, limited government, free markets)


Classical Political Theory: Web Sites


Columbia International Affairs Online


Community Development


Freedom House


Human Rights (University of Minnesota)


International Relations


International Society for Individual Liberty


Marxist Internet Archive


National Endowment for Democracy


Oxford Companion to Politics of the World
Joel Krieger, editor in chief, Oxford University Press, New York, 2001


Political Philosophy


Political Philosophy (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Political Resources on the Net


Political Science Quarterly


Political Science Resources (USA and UK)


Political Systems of the World
J. Denis Derbyshire and Ian Derbyshire, Helicon Publishing, Oxford, 1996


Political Studies Association


Sciences po (France)


SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute


Social and Political Philosophy (philosophical research online)


Social and Political Philosophy (Indiana University)