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History & Archeology

History & Archeology - Histoire & Archéologie - Storia & Archeologia



revised : January 2015

Access to Archives (United Kingdom)


American Memory (USA history)


Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales
Armand Colin, Paris


Archeological Resource Guide for Europe (ARGE)


ArchNet : the World Wide Web Virtual Library of Archaeology


Athena Review : Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration


Best of History Web Sites


BBC History


British History (1500-1980)


Cambridge Economic History of Europe (9 volumes)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1941-1989


Clio : Fachportal für Geschichtwissenchaften


EuroDocs : Online Sources for European History


Herodote (Français)


History Guide


History Net


History World


Hyper History


Institute of Historical Research (UK)


International Institute of Social History


Italy : Primary Documents


Medieval Studies (Georgetown University)


Modern History Sourcebook


New Cambridge Medieval History, The (8 vol.)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995-1998


New Cambridge Modern History, The (14 vol.)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1951-1979


Storia in Rete (Italiano)


Times Atlas of World History, The (Historical Atlas)
Times Books, London, 1993


World History Compass


World Wide WebVirtual Library (History)