Economics & Finance

Economics & Finance - Économie & Finance - Economia & Finanza



revised : January 2015

Archive for the History of Economic Thought


Beyond Money


Cato's Center for Trade Policy Studies


Center for Economic Policy Research


Classics of Political Economy


CNN Business and Finance News


DollarDaze (Economic Commentary Blog)


Financial Times


Financial Web


Economist, The


Eumed - Enciclopedia de las Ciencias Sociales, Economicas y Jurídica (Universidad de Málaga)


European Central Bank


International Monetary Fund


Internet Resources for Economists


Les Echo (France)


Library of economics and liberty (classic texts)


National Bureau of Economic Research (USA)


McGraw Encyclopaedia of Economics, The
by Douglas Greenwald, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1994


New Palgrave, The : A Dictionary of Economics (4 volumes),
by John Eatwell, Murray Milgate and Peter Newman, Macmillan, London, 2002


Phare (Université Paris 1)


Qualisteam - Banking and Financial Directory (English, Français, Italiano)


RePEc /Research Papers in Economics)


RFE (Resources for Economists)


Traderlink (Italiano)


Wall Street Journal, The


WebEc (World Wide Web Resources in Economics)


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