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Money - Past, Present & Future

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Books and Short Essays

Bastiat, Frédéric

[1849] Maudit Argent

Cato Institute

[1996] The future of money in the information age

14th Annual Monetary Conference, May 23, 1996

Crook, Michael

[2004] A Brief History and Analysis of Scottish Free Banking, 1716-1845

Davies, Glyn

[2002] History of Money. From Ancient Times to the Present Day, University
of Wales Press, Cardiff

Dowd, Kevin

[1989] The State and the Monetary System, Philip Allan, Hemel Hempstead,

Friedman, Milton

[1992] Money Mischief. Episodes in Monetary History, Harcourt Brace
& Company, San Diego, 1994

Grabbe, J. Orline

[1999] Smart Cards and Private Currencies

Greco jr., Thomas H.

[2001] Money. Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender,
Chelsea Green, Vermont, USA

Hayek, A. F.

[1976] Denationalization of Money, Hobart Paper Special, The Institute
of Econmic Affairs, London, Third Edition 1990

Lietaer, Bernard, interviewed by Sarah Gelder

[1997] Beyond Greed and Scarcity

Lietaer, Bernard

[2001] The Future of Money, Century, London

Matonis, Jon W.

[1995] Digital Cash and Monetary Freedom

Rothbard, Murray

[1964] What Has Government Done to Our Money?


[1968] Il Denaro [Das Geld], Ruggero Aprile Editore, Torino

Wriston, Walter interviewed by Thomas A.Bass

[1996] The Future of Money

Wired Magazine, Issue 4.10

Zube, John

[1976] Stop the legal tender crime


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