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Babbage, Charles

[1832] On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures [Sull'economia delle macchine e delle manifatture, Utet, Torino, 1863]

Baechler, Jean

[1971] Les origines du capitalisme [Le origini del capitalismo, Feltrinelli, Milano, 1977]

Braudel, Fernand

[1985] La dynamique du capitalisme, Flammarion, Paris

d'Alroy Jones, Peter

[1965] The Consumer Society. A History of American Capitalism, Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1967

Hobson, John

[1906] The Evolution of Modern Capitalism, The Walter Scott Publishing, London, new and revised edition 1916

Knowles, L. C. A.

[1921] The Industrial and Commercial Revolutions in Great Britain during the Nineteenth Century, Routledge & Sons, London, 1930

Mantoux, Paul

[1905] La révolution industrielle au siècle XVIII [La rivoluzione industriale, Editori Riuniti, Roma, 1977]

Marx, Karl

[1849] Wage Labour and Capital, Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1977 [Lavoro salariato e capitale, Editori Riuniti, Roma, 1971]

Marx, Karl

[1867] Das Kapital, erster Band [Il capitale, Libro I, Editori Riuniti, Roma, 1972]

Smith, Adam

[1776] An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, The University of Chicago, Chicago, 1990

Sombart, Werner

[1902] Der Moderne Kapitalismus [Il capitalismo moderno, Utet, Torino, 1967]

Sombart, Werner

[1913] Der Bourgeois [Il Borghese, Longanesi, Milano, 1978]

Ure, Andrew

[1835] The Philosophy of Manufactures, [Filosofia delle manifatture, Utet, Torino, 1863]

Veblen, Thorstein

[1904] The Theory of Business Enterprise, The New American Library, New York, 1932 [La teoria dell'impresa, Franco Angeli Editore, Milano, 1970]

Weber, Max

[1904-1905] Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus [L'etica protestante e lo spirito del capitalismo, Sansoni, Firenze, 1965]

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