Documentation : summing up



Documentation  (^)

Documentation is the searching for, selecting and gathering of Information relevant to the Problem.

It is concerned with three interlinked activities:

  • Location of places where documents can be found

  • Survey and analysis of documents

  • Use of devices for the recording of documents

It is here organized under two headings:

  • Documentation sources : where and what to look for

  • Documentation devices : how to record findings



Documentation : sources  (^)

see: Selected Tools for Problemistics



Documentation : devices  (^)



Log-Book  (^)

A Log-Book is an aid for recording Data, Facts and Concepts on a regular basis.

Logging can refer to:

  • events

  • activities

  • ideas

A standardized form of logging makes generally use of:

  • Cards and Notes

  • Photos and Tapes



Cards and Notes  (^)

Cards and Notes are common devices for keeping written records.

The recording can be carried out using:

  • paper (e.g. Paper Notebook or Library Cards)

  • electronic means (e.g. Personal Digital Assistant)

The information could be recorded in a:

  • standardized form (strict guidelines as to the way the information is fed in)

  • free form (no restriction as to the format of the recorded information)

or a mixture of both.



Photos and Tapes  (^)

Photos and Tapes are common devices for keeping audio-visual records.

They can be produced through a:

  • Photo Camera

  • Photocopier

  • Video Camera

  • Audio Recorder


These recording devices (e.g. Digital Cameras) can be linked to a computer and the material be preserved on a DVD.



Documentation : summing up  (^)

Documentation is the gathering of Information deemed necessary for the cognitive framing of a Problem.

Documentation is concerned with :

  • Places where documents can be found (e.g. libraries)

  • Documents to be surveyed and analysed (e.g. texts, videos)

  • Devices for dealing with documents (e.g. recording devices)

Documentation prepares the way for further gathering of Information through Observation.


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