Problem Dealing : overview



Courseware  (^)



Courseware  (^)

This is a Courseware on Problemistics.

A Courseware is a structured set of learning materials produced and accessed using hardware and software tools.

Problemistics is the art and craft of Problem Dealing.

Premisses  (^)

The Courseware general outlook is based on the following premisses:

  • Pluralism - Unitarism: differentiation and integration, variety and unity, discrete and continuous as the characteristics of any life experience

  • Anarchism - Communism: free and open-minded pursuit of knowledge; active willingness to spread and share it

  • Finalism - Instrumentalism: amalgamation of ends and means, theory and praxis, ideas and actions

Blocks  (^)

The Courseware consists of four interconnected Blocks:

  • Textbook (themes and topics)

  • Notebook (passages and quotations)

  • Toolbook (methods and techniques)

  • Biblio (references and contents)



Sections  (^)

Each of the four blocks of the Courseware comprises materials (text, notes, tools, references) spanning four Sections:

  • Framework

  • Research

  • Design

  • Planning



Units  (^)

The sections of the Courseware are arranged and presented as a network of interrelated Units focusing mainly on entities and their:

  • Definitions: denomination/differentiation

  • Classifications: categorization/systematization

  • Functions: utilization/finalization


For a further exploration of the topic see Toolbook : Presentation.



Problem Dealing  (^)



Problem Dealing  (^)

Problem Dealing, the activity of Problemistics, is concerned with:

  • Problem Framing

  • Problem Finding

  • Problem Solving

  • Problem Acting


Dimensions  (^)

The activities of Problem Dealing are characterized by a series of Dimensions concerning the relation between the human being (Problem Dealer) and the felt dissatisfaction (Problem).

These Dimensions refer to the following aspects:

  • Emotive: feeling, wishing

  • Cognitive: thinking, knowing

  • Volitive: willing, doing


Qualities  (^)

Problem Dealing requires certain Qualities, i.e. attitudes and aptitudes, on the part of the Problem Dealer.

These Qualities can be grouped under the following labels:

Thrill emotive dimension i.e. enthusiasm, empathy
Skill cognitive dimension i.e. creativity, consistency
Will volitive dimension i.e. patience, perseverance

Spheres  (^)

Problem Dealing takes place in the various Spheres of life experience.

These Spheres are generally referred to as:

  • Biosphere: nature and environment

  • Sociosphere: individuals and groups

  • Technosphere: tools and artifacts


Purposes  (^)

Problem Dealing has two main purposes:

  • Specific Purpose: disposal of the Problem

  • General Purpose: development of Well-Being



Well-Being  (^)



Well-Being  (^)

Well-Being is a dynamic condition characterized by:

  • Wisdom: knowledge of reality and mastery in relating to it

  • Wealth: freedom, richness and meaningfulness of choices

  • Health: biosocial (environment) and psychophysical (person) soundness

Wisdom  (^)

Wisdom is appropriate understanding and judgement of reality, based on deep Knowledge that reaches the core and essence of reality.


Wisdom emerges in the process of Research (Problem Finding) as a result of the search for Knowledge that might elucidate the source and nature of a Problem with which a human being is confronted.

Wealth  (^)

Wealth is freedom, richness and meaningfulness of choices and is not to be confused with abundance of material goods (affluence).


Wealth emerges in the process of Design (Problem Solving) as a result of the shaping of Solutions to a continuous series of Problems with which the human being is confronted.

Health  (^)

Health is biosocial (environment) and psychophysical (person) soundness and is not to be mistaken for simple lack of social ills or absence of physical/mental illness.


Health emerges in the process of Planning (Problem Acting) as a result of the actuation of Solutions to Problems with which the human being is confronted.



Problem Dealing : overview  (^)

Problem Dealing is the activity aimed at the disposal of a Problem and the development of Well-Being.

It is characterized by:

  • Dimensions: emotive, cognitive, volitive

  • Qualities: thrill, skill, will

  • Purposes: wisdom, wealth, health

These dimensions/qualities/purposes will emerge and play a role, implicitly or explicitly, in the various stages and activities of Problem Dealing, starting with the Framework that surrounds and pervades them.


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